Kilim & CArpet

Our mission is to decorate your home with our beautiful selection of rugs made with only 100% of domestic raw materials, dyed in a traditional way and made by hand with our professional weavers. Kilim&Carpet store has been present since 1994. Our first production workshop was located in Konya, in the Aksaray region. Later we moved to Manisa and Izmir where we still operate. We have stores in Istanbul (Sultanahmet area) and a small shop also in Milan (Italy). The production of hand rugs varies according to the season. Currently, the season of weaving is only 5 months as opposed to before instead, it was 6-7 months. The main reason why there is a decline in production is that weavers in the summer devote their time to agricultural work. They have to devote time to their work, so there is no time for weaving rugs. Having an evolving company, we have started to import overseas, where our main clientele is in the United States, Europe, and Japan. But we have absolutely no problems with the lack of equipment: in fact, we have 150-170 looms. This means 150-200 weavers. We accept custom designs, changing color from our customized designs and sizes. We offer a wide range of ancient Oriental, Persian, Afghani, Caucasians and Chinese carpets.